Eric Shaw

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Artist Statement

The initial point of my process starts with digesting the experience of graphic design in the city on a daily basis, from truck logos to signage. Through processing and reflection, I create digital sketches. Wherever I may be, on the the street or in the studio, I sketch. I am continuously challenged by attempting to draw a straight line with my pointer finger on the screen. Just as paint has limitations, I am interested in the limitations of the application used. Reflecting on image editing tools, such as copying, pasting, and scale shifts; I build a system of motifs and color relationships that suggest continuous change and movement. Each painting begins with it’s own set of arbitrary rules, that build into a unique system. The back and forth between photographing the work as I progress and drawing upon the photograph, creates a fluidity between the digital and analogue in my painting language. The process of taping, slowly painting, in a meditative state is in contrast to the gesture and pace of the sketches. I view each painting as a still; something captured, flashing, teetering, and rotating in a random order. They often possess a mechanical look, attempting to fulfill some unknown function. Layering flat images using the entire surface of the canvas, creates a false sense of depth and uneasiness. Vibrant contrasting colors catch the eye and compositions appear to be moving; seemingly to be on their way off the canvas.



Born in Enfield, CT.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012    Through The Blinds. Park Life. San Francisco, CA.

2011    New Works. Youth Group Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

2008    In The House. Market Hotel. Brooklyn, NY.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015   Perfect Strangers: Eric Shaw & Jason Stopa. Ober Gallery. Kent, CT.

2015    Summer Mixer. Joshua Liner Gallery. New York, NY.

2015    Some New American Paintings. Ever Gold Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

2015    Maker’s Mark. Regina Rex. New York, NY.

2015    PRTY PPL. Circuit 12 Contemporary. Dallas, TX.

2014    ABCOM. Jack Chiles gallery. New York, NY.

2014    First Responders. Good Work Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

2014    Group show Harbor gallery. New York, NY.

2013    Tell Them I Hate Them. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

2013    Silver Shore. Graham Gallery. New York, NY.

2013    Acid Summer. DCKT Contemporary. New York, NY.

2012    The Beginning. Beginnings Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

2012    Glint. Eric Shaw & Henry Gunderson. FFDG. San Francisco, CA.

2012    Space/Form. Breeze Block Gallery. Portland, OR.

2012    Black & White. Double Break. San Diego, CA.

2012    B-OUT! Andrew Edlin Gallery. New York, NY.

2012    This Weird Place. Lawndale Art Center. Houston, TX .

2010    Pen to Paper. artSPACE. Berlin, Germany.

2009    Ancient Bloody Knuckles. Synchronicity. Los Angeles, CA.

2009    New Works. Eric Shaw & Matthew Palladino. Space 1026. Philadelphia, PA.

2009    Invisible Somethings. 92Y TRIBECA. New York, NY.

2008    Portrait Show. Hallway Bathroom Gallery. San Francisco, CA.

2006     Wilderland. Second Gallery. Boston, MA.