Elliot Reed

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Artist Statement

I am against stasis, and working through performance is my mode of agitation. I produce time-based, fleeting works that deal with the creation, distortion, and destruction of character. I (the artist) function as a tool for transport and deception and must affirm, then subvert the viewer’s expectations in order to progress my narratives. In this way, I believe my work is about trust. My performance art is a world building activity, and essentially a team sport. I initiate my pieces by using misdirection, and this is accomplished by building trust. Relationships take time and I am committed to connecting with an audience. I (the individual) living as a black, queer man am deeply concerned with creating free spaces. Spaces open for education, play, and questioning. Most of my works open simply, with me setting the stage or working without sound or additional visuals. Wet Cabaret functions this way. I start by addressing my audience under a single spotlight, only to end the work by smothering myself onstage. I wish to present a simplified version of myself before diving into the meat of the work. I call this progression ‘artificial neutrality.’ If I can get a person to understand who or what I am, our journey beyond that limit becomes all the more meaningful.


Selected Exhibitions & Works
Upcoming Performance  Moon Step, Tokyo, Japan
Upcoming performance  MNSKTM, Osaka, Japan
Upcoming performance  Vogue Fabrics Dalston London, England
DADDY THE GAME Video game collaboration w/ Archie Prakash, IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games Los Angeles, CA
Blood Print Shirt Edition of 11 tshirts screen printed with my blood , Los Angeles, CA
Pipeline Live Performance at The Depression Chamber, Pomona, CA
On Water Performance work for the LA Public Art Biennial, Los Angeles, CA
Black Ink Ritual Performance at Elephant Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Running The Gauntlet Section IV Performance at The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
A___ Inutility performance at Mata Noise, Los Angeles, CA
Disfiguring Traditions: Reader Launch,  Performed an original poem and released an ed. Of 10 risograph printed books.  SADE Gallery,  Los Angeles, CA,  (curated by Kandis WIlliams)
Ron Athey: Invitation to Yin Yang, Performance with Ron Athey, Maria Garcia, Yunuen Rhi, and Divinity Fudge, Los Angeles, CA
Running The Gauntlet (Sections I, II & III)  Performed at Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
P o r n A g a i n Vol.2-A$$Mutation Collaboration with Sofia Moreno, The Learning Machine, Chicago, IL
Kahlon Live music performance, Baltimore, MD
TRQPITECA Live music performance, Chicago, IL
The Culture Wars Cabaret, Patrick’s Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN
Poet Video II Collaboration with Keijuan Thomas, Pinky Swear, Chicago, IL
Idapalooza Live Music Performance, Dowelltown, TN
BLEACH performance with Laura Callier, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL
Rainbow In The Dark Tour (RITD), Group performance art tour & documentary project, multiple venues in Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, Marfa TX, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA,
Anxiety Magic Full Length Studio Album, Released on cassette and digital Nov 2014
Crisis Lite  Full Length home recorded album, released on cassette and digital March 2014
Home Alone 3000 Composed and performed live score for film by Shannon Lee, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Radio Dada, Weekly  radio show, University of Chicago WHPK 88.5FM , Chicago, IL
Airplay Live music collaboration with Tomasz Jurczak. Northwestern University WNUR 89.3FM, Chicago, IL
Till the world ends Solo show at Kirk’s Apartment Gallery, Chicago, IL
MacAlester College  Computer composition “A Poem (w/ Diamond Stingly)” performed for art & tech class. Followed by conversation on randomness and disorder in code. Saint Paul, MN
University of Minnesota Invited by Lauren DeLand, PhD to share  performance work in response to the ‘Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art’ exhibition. Minneapolis, MN
Illinois Institute of Technology (Shimer College) Artist talk and performance, Chicago,

Talks and Presentations