Elissa Levy

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What is my work about?

Using pre-existing objects and images, I search for inherent dualities in visual representations of the masculine and feminine, specifically the qualities that lend themselves to antithetical positioning – power versus weakness, action versus stagnation, glory versus shame, beauty versus ugliness, kindness versus brutality.

Though highly mediated and visually reduced, every object or image retains a certain base amount of information and history that I won’t completely obliterate despite the many possible mutations. Within this method, I upset the balance of the aforementioned qualities to draw out information about our perception and, by extension, our selves.


Artist Statement

Taking imagery from newspapers and magazines, I deconstruct the icons of power that populate printed media, such as soldiers, athletes, celebrities and politicians. When their forms are isolated, they become stripped of identifiable cues of influence or fame and reduced to ghost-like apparitions; yet they still retain their posture of authority. Here, soldiers and politicians evoke the two-pronged waging of war from the metaphorical halls of power and the trenches, each isolated from the realities of the other. Athletes and celebrities invoke social hierarchies in which entertainers are cultural idols, and sports matches provide endless dramatizations of the heroic gearing up and going into battle.

The public platform of the newspaper shows us our own fascination not just with glory, but also shame and self-loathing. The shamed figure is remarkably similar in its media depiction, and it is clear that public shaming can bring one fame as well. What are the differences between glory and dishonor? Even suffering loss is celebrated in the media, and we can pin our fears on that person, and hope that they will help assuage our own guilt. When we see the president bow his head in shame for a national crisis, he carries that weight for us.

As a medium that is nearing obsolescence, the newspaper is becoming a relic, a found object to be edited and transformed with cuts, tears, stitching, color and plaster into a makeshift future remnant. Some pieces are crumpled and spray-painted as if they are carefully constructed trash and then presented, or in some cases, reprinted on archival papers to add another layer of construction. Other imagery is cut up and sunk into plaster and hydrocal, evoking fossils or fragments of monuments.

I approach this work with a punk DIY ethos; using craft and everyday materials, I alter not only the shape, but also the context. While aggressively eradicating these figures in their current mass-reproduced form, I am changing them into otherworldly silhouettes that distract from their social constructs and allow us to see the whole of them.


Rhode Island School of Design Providence
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Brown University Providence
Liberal Arts

1988, 1992
The American University in Paris
Liberal Arts, Division of Art History

Instituto D’Allende San Miguel D’Allende, Mexico
Studio Art

Parsons School of Art Paris
Studio Art


Stonefox Artspace, New York, NY

Purfle; Cal Lane & Elissa Levy, Foley Gallery, New York, NY, 2-person exhibition

Camoufleur, Brooklyn Fireproof Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Symmetry, The Living Room, San Francisco, CA



Coordinated Disregard (upcoming), Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, MD
In Our Cave We See Shadows (upcoming), Projekt722, Brooklyn, NY

All the News That’s Fit to Print, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
Out to See, Various locations in the South Street Seaport, NY, Curated by Sara Reisman

The Written Word, John A. Day Gallery, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
Burying the Lede, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
Paper, Mirror, Torn. Brian Morris Gallery, NY, NY

Creative Nonfiction, Kunstalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
Quantum Effect, The Active Space, Brooklyn, NY
Wise Blood, Field Projects, NY
Cut-Up, Storefront Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Permanent Collection, Nancy Margolis Gallery, NY NY

Splitting Infinity, Studio Salon Series, curated by David Gibson

What is left, Curatorial Research Lab@Winkleman Gallery, NY. Curated by Rachel Gugelburger

Painting with Pictures, Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, Bronx, NY Curated by David Gibson, Savannah Spirit and Asya Geisberg

NEVERandagain, International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn (ISCP), NY curated by Elissa Levy
All Suffering to End Soon!, Callicoon Fine Arts, Callicoon, NY
Kayosties with Elissa Levy and Bjorn Meyer-Ebrecht, Pocket Utopia, Brooklyn, NY

Enantiomorphic Chamber, NURTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Kevin Regan and Christopher Howard

One Day We Shall Control the Sun, The Arsenal Gallery, New York, NY
Playing With Fire, Texas Firehouse, LIC, NY

Gimme Shelter,
Shelter Island, NY, Curated by Megan Riley
Altoids Living Spaces 2006, Exhibition of New American Design, Curated by Dave Alhadef & Jason Miller, Brooklyn, NY
Other than Art, G Fine Art, Curator’s Office, Provisions Library, Washington, DC, curated by Milena Kalinovska

Altoids 7th Annual Curiously Strong Collection,  Consolidated Works, Seattle, WA
Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio, TX
Soo Visual, Minneapolis, MN
New Museum Of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
Luckman Center Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

The Future Perfect, Brooklyn, NY
Shape-Shifter, Emerging artists at audioEngine, New York, NY curated by Elissa Levy
Extreme Diversity, Great Neck Arts Center, Great Neck, NY

Wish for Color, Presented by Gen Art and Banana Republic, Tribute, NY, New York and online at  www.BananaRepublic.com
Breaking Ground, White Columns, New York, NY curated by Lauren Ross
Scope New York ’03, Art Fair at the Dylan Hotel, New York, NY

Bodies and Forms, Art Under the Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Chateaux Marmont International Art Fair,
Santa Monica
Museum of Art, West Hollywood, CA


Scottish Sculpture Workshop, 2013, Lumsden, Scotland
The Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Programme 2006, Dufftown, Scotland


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The AltoidsÒ 7th Annual Curiously Strong Collection, part of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, permanent collection
The Glenfiddich Collection, Dufftown, Scotland



Limited Edition of hand sewn prints with Field Projects, NY

David Bown Projects, 3rd SemiAnnual Competition, featured group of 25 artists, www.davebownprojects.com

Visionaire 2010, A Survey of Art in the Year 2010, calendar curated by 52 influential figures, featured artist, artwork featured in the week curated by Anne Ellegood
Sewing Social, a monthly series of events where people are invited to wear clothing that needs repair and a special team of darners mends the clothing on one’s person; held at various locations including Robert Goff Gallery, NY and Morgan Lehman Gallery, NY

CAKE Magazine: Outhwith, cover image, curated by Hilary Nicoll and Claudia Zeiske, Scotland.

Tour T-Shirt, The AltoidsÒ 7th Annual Curiously Strong Collection,
Featured artist for annual t-shirt that accompanies the exhibition tour

Soldiers Symmetry Wallpaper,
Wallpaper of own design installed in and sold exclusively at The Future Perfect, Brooklyn, NY

KIDSART Interactive Coloring Book for Children, published by
Clifford•Smith Gallery; Boston, MA, curated by Bradley Rubenstein



InContext Tours, NY, A series of artists’ studio tours around the New York City area with Elizabeth Tenenbaum

Pratt Harlem Project, NY, curated by Elissa Levy and Heather Darcy Bhandari

NEVERandagain, ISCP, Brooklyn, NY curated by Elissa Levy featuring Alisa Baremboym, Balam Bartolomé, Rhys Coren, Rico Gatson, Rena Leinberger, Elissa Levy, Sam Martineau, Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, Austin Thomas and Ian Umlauf

Alex Da Corte, I Attach Myself to You, Stonefox Artspace, New York, NY solo exhibition curated by Elissa Levy

Souvenir, Exhibition of emerging artists at audioEngine, New York, NY curated by Elissa Levy

Shape-Shifter, Exhibition of emerging artists at audioEngine, New York, NY curated by Elissa Levy
neverland, Exhibition of emerging artists at audioEngine, New York, NY curated by Elissa Levy
Gifted, The Future Perfect, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Elissa Levy