Dustin Metz

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Artist Statement

Visitors to my studio often remark that my paintings take a while to see. I cultivate this slow reveal in my work. The paintings wait for you, as if waiting for your eyes to adjust in a dark room.

Slow reveals result from a density of visual stuff, not from withholding it. I love this about painting — it’s always “on” with the entirety of my time looking, touching, and sitting with each piece. This folding and weaving of time also happens through my imagery and compositions. Paintings inside of books inside of heads hover on horizon lines and descend into surfaces. I let the paintings grow, following an uncertainty of where they will end. The work offers painting as a way to experience a multiplicity of present moments, a slowing and deepening of time and touch through vision.

As a painter, and more importantly as an observer, I search beyond the limits of a predetermined theme or series. I choose imagery by following a sense of discomfort that certain familiar objects inspire in me, and I continue into the painting following that same disorientation, shedding my expectations of an object in order to see it. I carefully handle all these objects with a compositional off-ness in the ways I crop views and shift scale and perspective. The paintings create a bodily awkwardness, a felt sense of specificity amongst tenuously related objects. Paintings of a protest flyer, a still life, and a gigantic bible hold the same space.


Night Spots and a Dirty Sun Clock
. Chicken Coop Contemporary. Portland OR
The Thing Itself. COOP. Nashville TN
CAVIAR. Central Park. Los Angeles CA
Bomb Pop-Up Show. Brooklyn NY
Little Motorcycles. Infinity Room . Los Angeles CA
Girl Boy Girl Boy. This Friday or Next Friday. Brooklyn NY
WIND CHIMES. Bannerette. Brooklyn NY
“I think I see…”. The Property. Los Angeles CA
Thinking and Touching Time. Ortega y Gesset Projects. Brooklyn NY
Who Sees the Past Sees the Future. Jones Gallery. Bakersfield CA
Future One Night Only Show. PØST. Los Angeles CA
Super Fog. Great Jones Space. New York NY
Incognito. Santa Monica Museum of Art. Los Angeles CA
C-Note. Jaus. Los Angeles CA
We Don’t Have All Night. Ohio State University Urban Art Space. Columbus OH
Grouper. Gary Snyder Project Space. New York NY
MFA 1. Mason Gross Galleries. New Brunswick NJ


Co-founder of Ms Barbers, an artist run space located in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles CA.

Awards/ Residencies
TA/GA Fellow, Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University; New Brunswick, NJ
Vermont Studio Center; Johnson, VT *Mason Gross School of Art Dean’s Residency Scholarship
Project Portal Residency; Historic Yellow Springs, PA.
Discovery Grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage; Philadelphia, PA
Faculty Award. Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Elkins Park, PA.


Snap Review for Oily Doily at BBQLA . CARLA. August 4, 2016
Review for Mernet Larsen: Chainsawer, Bicyclist, and Reading in Bed at Various Small Fires. Staring at the Wall. April 9, 2015

Visiting Artist
Visiting Lecturer, College of Creative Studies at UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
Visiting Artist, The Cooper Union, New York, NY