Dominique Fung

“What is more European, after all,

than to be corrupted by the Orient?”

                             – Richard Howard


The postcolonial discourse of the term “oriental” is a European invention of an artificial binary in opposition of the Western world (occident) ideology. The Orient is a fabrication and a fetishization and a form of “othering” the societies and peoples who inhabit the places of Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. The mystified bodies and spaces in European art history and French Orientalist paintings depict fragments of the east that never existed. Through painting Orientalizing tropes of period artifacts, I subvert the fantasies and dangers of the “Orient,” reclaiming the space once inhabited by false narratives as my own.

My paintings often evoke a world of genteel pleasure, using the aesthetics of enjoyment, the decadent, and exquisite colours upon the first gaze, but uncanny surrealist ideologies underpin a subtler and subversive critique about history, culture, and contemporary life. The creamy and sensual painted bodies, baths, fine china, ‘oriental’ rugs, rose petals, slippers, knick-knacks, and food coexist in a surreal multilayered pictorial space.

The work is an active re-framing and investigation, dismantling hugely damaging fantasies and narratives encoded into Orientalist ideologies around the ideas of exoticism, eroticism, the ‘foreign’ body, the primitive, the feminine, the infantile, and the cosmetic.

Each painting is an individual negotiation between the inside and out, the container and the contained. The objects that look out from the canvas are often more animated by spirit than the figures, who lack eyes. They confront you. Who is doing the looking and who has the agency?  Are you inside the body or are you the object? Or are you here for the spectacle?




2009 BAA Sheridan Institute of Technology and Design, Oakville, Canada

2020 Patel Gallery , Toronto, Canada ( forthcoming)
Crush Curatorial, NYC, USA ( forthcoming)

2019 Ross + Kramer, Wash Your Corners , NYC, USA ( June 14th )
Taymour Grahne, London, UK ( November 7th)

2018 Patel Gallery, Just like Fine China , two-person solo, Toronto, Canada
Patel Gallery, Physic Gardens,Toronto, two-person solo, Toronto, Canada


2019 Nicodim Gallery , Skin Stealers curated by Benjamin Lee Handler, LA, USA ( September) 2019 Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery , Shandaken: Paint School, Color , NYC, USA

2019 Nicodim Gallery , Transworld curated by Benjamin Lee Handler, Bucharest, Romania ( June)
2019 Nicodim Gallery , Transworld curated by Benjamin Lee Handler, LA, USA ( June)
2019 Deanne Evans Projects , Buddy System , Brooklyn, NY, USA ( June)
2019 Patel Gallery , Inaugural, Toronto, Canada
2019 THE ROYAL , Puppies and Flowers c urated by Katie Hector, Brooklyn, USA
2019 AGENCY , The Uncanny curated by Hilary Doyle and Reid Hitt, Brooklyn, USA
2019 0.0. La , Yin/Yang curated by Calli Moore, Los Angeles, USA
2019 Crush Curatorial Group Show , Surreality curated by Alison Karasyk and Karen Flatow, NYC, USA
2018 Mana Contemporary ( JUXTAPOZ), curated by Jessica Ross, New Jersey, USA
2018 Project Gallery , SALON VI, Toronto, Canada
2018 Field Projects Gallery, MILKMADE curated by Mikela Wesson, NYC, USA
2018 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Barmecide Feast installation, 4 paintings,
208 The 14th Factory, Washington DC, USA
2018 Project Gallery, Spring group show, Toronto, Canada
2017 Ortega y Gasset Projects with SYNT, Friends You May Know, Brooklyn, USA 2017 The Sussex Contemporary, residency show , Ottawa, Canada
2017 The Sussex Contemporary, The Year End Salon Show, Ottawa, Canada
2017 Project Gallery, SALON V, Toronto, Canada
2017  GIFC, The Hole NYC, NYC, USA
2017  The Sussex Contemporary, INAUGURAL GROUP SHOW , Ottawa, Canada
2017 The14th Factory, Independentartist-runexhibition , LosAngeles,USA Project Gallery , Salon Show, Toronto, Canada
2016  Galerie Youn , A Very Young Christmas, Montreal, Canada
2016  Project Gallery , 15 painters, Toronto, Canada
2015  Project Gallery, Delta, Toronto, Canada
2014  Gallery M contemporary, Contemplation, Toronto, Canada
2013  Atticus Gallery , Colors, Barcelona, Spain
2012 Virginia Museum of Modern Art, Andy Warhol Tribute Group Show, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2011 Show and Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2018 Toronto Arts Council, Visual arts grant
2017 Ontario Arts Council, Visual arts grant
2009 Sheridan Institute of Design and Technology, Visual artist grant, Oakville, Ontario, Canada


2018-2019 Shandaken: Paint School , NYC, NY, USA
2017 The Sussex Contemporary, October 2017, 1 month, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


b. 1987, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


2018 Juxtapoz- Group Show Feature in Magazine. Winter 2019 edition

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2018 Juxtapoz – Studio Visit: Dominique by Jessica Ross

2018 Hula by Gloria Yu – Women in Arts

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2017 Live Fast Mag – Let’s get lost and take a visit to the 14th Factory

Let’s Get Lost: Take a Visit to the 14th Factory

2016 THE tiny BERLINER –


2018 OCAD University, a p anel discussion with students in the BFA painting program, Toronto, Canada
2018 University of Toronto, moderated by Shari Orenstein , 3 artist panel discussion, Toronto, Ontario