Derek Corns

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Artist Statement

In my practice, object-making bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. I enjoy duality — balancing frivolity and solemnity, desire and disinterest. Through the lens of utopic desire, I explore mythology, self-examination, loss, transformation, and humor. Materially, this is communicated through the manipulation of plastic, found objects, fabrics, paint, concrete, and plaster.

Over the past five years, I have explored working with PVC plastic sheeting as a textile. By cutting, heat-pressing, blistering, weaving, and sewing, I have discovered multiple ways to manipulate this material to form a visual lexicon.

The ephemeral nature of installation is also an important factor of my practice. Most of the objects I make are utilized as props and are either reconfigured or repurposed in relation to each other with each iteration. Concrete and plaster pours are purposefully not measured so as to create a bit of chance with how the material will cure. Sculptures lean against each other and textiles are pinned in ways that create a specific experience in a specific time and place.

An important question I consider in my practice is: how does memory participate in our individual mythologies? A rule I have for investigating this is to never create the same installation twice, allowing myself and the viewer to build our own relationships with objects over time. Like the psyche itself, these relationships an ever-changing experience.