David Shull

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Artist Statement

Art making, to me, is about connecting with a critical history. Drawing on a vast array of forms and practices, I tend to work in distinct series. Comprised of specific materials or manipulated in a unique way, each series then become fodder for future consolidation and transformation. Conflating wordplay, automatic composition, assemblage, craft, the political, the abstract, the found and the authored, I am interested in challenging the language of art and it’s role in society.

The NY Times Assemblages are a reaction to the colossal stream of information we encounter in contemporary life. Layering obscured news reports, found imagery, tinted vinyl and the quotidian grommet, the works explore the outdated broadsheet newspaper, thrust from tool to garbage, as a revived vessel for image and text circulation within a hyper-paced culture.

The Report Posters as well as The Report Slideshow were derived from 60 ink drawings inspired by automatic responses to news and media and were conceived as an abstract “read” on contemporary information culture. I then copied, cut-up, flipped, scrapped, pieced together, and fed the result through a large-scale Xerox machine to create poster prints.

My most recent work utilizes this process of regurgitation but applies it more broadly. Various Fabrics, writing, painted text, and canvases from different periods in my life, make up durable tapestries. While The Report Posters allowed me to explore image making within the color and scale limitations of the large Xerox, the tapestries literally sew together a synthesis of approaches.


Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology/ UC Santa Cruz/ 2001
MFA/ Painting and Sculpture/ The Pratt Institute/ Brooklyn, NY/ 2004

Selected Exhibitions
The Story of A River/ Happyfun Hideaway/ Brooklyn, NY
Inaugural exhibition/ The Pit LA/ Curated by Alexis Rose
The Report: Information Worship—Where has gone the body/Secret Project Robot/ Brooklyn, NY
Growing the Garden/ Secret Project Robot/ Brooklyn, NY.
Can’t Stop Rock Lobster/ A group show organized by Nathan Gwynn and Andrea Merkx/ Martos Gallery/ NY, NY
Hermaphrodites/ The Invisible Dog/ Brooklyn, NY/ Curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy.
Untitiled/ Red House Gallery/ Featuring: Aziz&Cucher, Brigitte Lustenberger, Eli Ping, and Lisa Biedlingmaier/ NY, NY.
We Come From Brooklyn/ A group exhibition featuring Kyle Simon, Sarah Frances Kuhn, among others/ Aller Art Kunstverein/Bludenz, Austria.
The Report Posters/ Manhattan Project@ Manhattan College/Bronx, NY
Other Spaces/ A group show curated by Jayne Drost-Johnson/Center 548/ NY, NY
No Soul For Sale: A festival of Independents/ Curated by Maurizio Cattelan/ X Initiative/ NY, NY
It’s About Time, Man: A Response to Olafur Elliason’s Survey at PS1 and MoMA/ Repetti Gallery/ Brooklyn, NY
Mystic Truths/ Eckhaus/ Kutztown, P
The Offramp to Oblivion/ Ad Hoc Art/ Brooklyn, NY
Under My Skin/ Galleria de Arte Mexicano/ Mexico City, Mexico