Daniel Barragán

Daniel Barragán creates artifacts and paintings that question the preservation and displacement of Chicano/ Indigenous people and their culture. He was born in El Paso, Texas, a region with a turbulent bi-national history. El Paso, translating to the passing, is the largest port of entry from Mexico to the U.S. via Ciudad Juarez. This region of Texas was once Mexico. The events of the past have put his culture at odds with itself. Even the signifiers that Mexican Americans are referred by have been tampered with. The people who live in El Paso refer to themselves as Chicanos as opposed to the less regional ‘Latin’ or less essential ‘Hispanic’. Hispanic, a word that exist only in the English language was a name given to the people of the Southwest to categorize their history and presence in America. Chicanos are decedents of Indigenous people, and like their ancestors they have fought to occupy their space in a system that does not affirm their cultural experience. In the past two years America’s presidential administration has targeted people of color and more precisely people of Mexican decent. Daniels work thrives to repeal this genocidal attack by revealing his own cultural upbringing. With the fragility of these historic events in mind, Daniel re-evaluates the worth of his heritage and its craft. He reconsiders the value of artifact, land, labor, and identity. Tradition paired with his own queer/ punk aesthetic allows his work to exist between the intersections of cultures, reflecting the exact position where Chicano people and their culture have stood throughout history. It is at this intersection where history, heritage, and popular culture collide to create their own third, non binary space, with celebration and representation at its core.

Pratt Institute – Class of 13’ – BFA / Painting and Drawing

Pratt Institute – Class of 19’ – MFA/ Painting and Drawing


Stutzman Family Foundation, Sculpture Fellowship – 2019


Thesis Exhibition:

Tread Lightly, Pratt Institute, Steuben – Brooklyn, NY – 2019

Group Shows:

Queer Autonomy, Pfizer Building – Brooklyn, NY – 2019

Down to Earth, Head Hi – Brooklyn, NY – 2019

Mythology Assembled, Dispelled , Pratt Institute, Steuben – Brooklyn, NY – 2018

The Watering Hole, Pfizer Building – Brooklyn, NY – 2018

Flameproof II Westbeth Gallery – New York, NY – 2017

Effigy, The Painting Center – New York, NY – 2016



Down to Earth, Head Hi – Brooklyn, NY – 2019

The Watering Hole, Pfizer Building – Brooklyn, NY – 2018