Danica Lundy

When I paint, I consider myself an eccentric, hazardous construction crew, working in a bikini and a hard hat, simultaneously vulnerable to most things and protected by something. This is my foremost way to access the most tender and tough places. Most of the characters who emerge in my paintings uphold this dichotomy. I approach a painting with an urgent idea and a ballpoint pen, and then ferry myself from sketches to paint and back. When the idea requires micro-nuanced, laser-eyed attention, I will take on a large expanse of paper, armed with a pen, and attempt to fit the whole world into it.

In the body, there is a tangible reservoir for a particular, wicked kind of pain. When jostled by something sudden and heavy, it’s like the drop of an egg from a balcony to the sidewalk; the rush from chest to thighs is sharp, immediate, debilitating.

This drop occurs inevitably in certain primal circumstances: when you look over and see the person you love with someone else, when you realize you’ve long been fundamentally misunderstood by the person closest to you, or when you know you’ve done something irreconcilable and you can’t go back. Inversely, there’s a softer place containing the byproducts of elation, lust, or mischief; an egg splattered open and viscous on the pavement, now sizzling in the heat.

These instances of sentience are intimately familiar to people, like me, who enthusiastically submit themselves to the cycles of longing, love, and loss, and get hit by the metaphorical equivalent of a Molotov cocktail for the sake of human connection. That which is generated by those cycles may be gathered and stored in us, but there is a more ambiguous, invisible terrain outside where it fluctuates, drifts and grows.

This is what I’m really interested in: the space between people— what we construct and destroy there, what can be dug up there. And how it translates to the visual world, into a pictorial language that navigates the spectrums of violence and seduction, of angst and elation.

I want to make worlds I can dig into and learn my way around by heart.

The painterly scaffolding supporting me is mind-made: semantic rules differ painting to painting. They are sometimes broken on impulse, akin to a dutiful dieter indulging suddenly in a bar of white chocolate.

I’ve developed a vivid palette that challenges my own anxieties about colour, with systems that range from harmonious to toxic depending on the scene’s atmosphere or what characters seem to need. Colour and form are navigated instinctually by way of the gut and limbic system.

There’s something palpable in the power elicited from a razor held to a loved one’s neck, in the dig of a car window on the underside of your arm, in the unexpected click of a lock at the door when you thought you were protected under blankets. There’s the drip of sweat on the knee of a voyeur squished inside a locker, the glowing peep of a nipple through a shirt, the pressure while leaning against glass that is felt but nearly invisible, and the state of having three arms to hold on to someone and still knowing it will never be enough.

These particular emblems of physicality get to the crux of something indelibly human for me. They are extracted from a lived-in acquaintance with womanhood and adolescence; my own trajectory as an athlete, lover, fighter, and inherent outsider looking in.


2017 Master of Fine Arts, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY, USA 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB, Canada

Select Exhibitions

2018 (Upcoming September) Chubb Fellows Exhibition, New York Academy of Art, NY MiArt, C+N Canepaneri, two-person booth with Alberto Garutti, Milan, Italy
The Ghost I Made You Be, C+N Canpaneri Gallery, Milan, Italy (solo)
Art on Paper Fair, Sugarlift Booth, NYC, NY

A Teat, A Cage, A Hook, Art Lines Gallery, Hackensack, NJ (solo) 2017 Chubb Fellows Exhibition in Miami, Chubb VIP Suite, Miami, FL

Sugarlift Open Studios, 393 NYC, Tribeca, NY
Idios, Collier West Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Take Home A Nude, Sotheby’s, New York City, NY
New York Academy Annual Summer Exhibition, Flowers Gallery, Chelsea, NY

2016 Leipzig Summer Residency Show, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY Transmission New York >> Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
New York Academy Annual Summer Exhibition, Flowers Gallery, Chelsea, NY Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

TriBeCa Ball, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY

Ballpoint, Sugarlift Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2015 Deck the Walls, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY

Art Atelier 546 Art Gallery, Victoria, BC
2014 First Impressions, Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA,
2013 Even Cheaper Art Show, Artbarn International, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

30×40, START Gallery, Sackville, NB, Canada
BFA Graduation Exhibition, Owen’s Art Gallery, Sackville, NB
How I Know I’m Here, START Gallery, Sackville, NB, Canada (solo)

2012 Untitled, Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory Gallery, Sackville, NB, Canada 2011 Untitled, Sitka Spruce Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada (solo)

Prizes and Awards

2017 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant
2016 The Eileen Guggenheim & Russell Wilkinson Scholarship 2015 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

New York Academy of Art Academy Merit Scholar Award British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship
Ryan Alexander Lovett Memorial Arts Scholarship

2013 John P. Asimakos Award in Painting
People’s Choice Award, Artbarn International Art Show, Salt Spring Island (Silver) Academic All Canadian (2010,2011,2012, 2013)
Dean’s List (2011-2013)

2012 British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship (2009,2012)
J.E.A Crake Scholarship for Exceptional Performance in the Arts & Humanities (2011,2012) Mary K Mclean Trust Scholarship (2009,2011,2012)
Simon Chang Phyllis Levine Foundation Scholarship

2009 Derek Crawford Architect Inc Scholarship

Donald Corbel LeQuesne Scholarship Salt Spring Painter’s Guild Scholarship Steffich Fine Arts Scholarship

Residencies and Fellowships
2017 New York Academy of Art’s 2017/2018 Chubb Fellowship

2016 Leipzig International Art Programme Residency, Germany


2018 Boulevard Mid Island Magazine, March, Vancouver Island, Canada, print
Boulevard Vancouver Magazine, (Chinese and English), April, Vancouver, Canada, print Mousse Magazine, March, Milan, Italy, print
Arte Magazine, March, Italy, print
Flash Art, March, online publication

2017 Art Zealous, April, online publication
2016 Present Magazine, Fall/Winter, Canada, print