Chris Bogia

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Artist Statement

I divide my practice between traditional studio work and running a non-profit artist residency.

I make work kind of like a florist who decides to make arrangements for only themselves, or a decorator who signs every object placed in a client’s home with a really big black sharpie. Sometimes I think I am a textile designer whose boss asked them to make art instead. I don’t overthink it anymore.

I am interested in the way visual art functions in the world, specifically where contemporary art and its white cube intersect decorative art and the home. I’m neutral on which is “better”, or “smarter”, and strive to create work that enjoys the pleasures and complexities of both these worlds. I see this slippery space as a place where a queering can take place. Queer as in strange and Queer as in g-g-g-gayyyyy.

Some of the works included in this application are flat wall mounted sculptures (sculptures of paintings?). One of these is called Angry Bird, and I included a close up shot within the submitted image to show what all the surfaces look like in that group of work. They are made of unconnected pieces, using tension and balance to hold together inside their frame. The surfaces are covered in yarn, encouraging thoughts of domestic décor and craft. The white gallery wall is a formal accomplice, visible in the negative spaces and as much a part of the work as the work itself.

I am working on an ongoing series of watercolor drawings depicting the same archway where a struggle unfolds between two opposing forces. I call these Plants Vs. Zombies. I want to go to Peru and make tapestries out of them, or large silkscreens, though currently I do not have the resource$$$ to do that. The title for the works is the name of a game I’ve played on my phone every morning in the bathroom, without exception, for three years.

I am also creating temporary sculptures out of discarded mirrors and coffee table tops I come across during my time on Fire Island, where I work each summer*. The process involves taking these found materials, inserting them into the boardwalks (the only means of transportation in Cherry Grove), and photographing them. The prints are relatively small, around 5 x 5 inches, and are part of an ongoing series titled Lenses.

Lastly, I am also working on three new sculptures that take my earlier flat wooden frame compositions and make them free standing. A small one, The Plant Who Sold The World, is done and included in my images. It includes a shelf with a candle and a secret drawer for weed. The last few images submitted in my application are studies and a process shot for the next two sculptures. Those are about 6 feet tall and feel like furniture to me but also like sculptures of paintings. I’m going to place them on small jute area rugs from West Elm when they are done.

My other project is the Fire Island Artist Residency, the world’s first artist residency for LGBTQ (emerging) artists, located in the world’s oldest gay town, Cherry Grove. In addition to giving five artists (this year chosen by a jury from over 420 applicants) a place to live and work for free, FIAR also engages in public programming for the community and collaborates with other non-profits on projects, such Visual AIDS, Printed Matter and the Queens Museum. I am the director and co-founder (My partner helps me a lot but it’s pretty much a one-man show), and I gave up my tiny 30K salary when our building burnt down two Springs ago (I could sure use a grant!). Summer 2016 will be our sixth summer.


New York University, Department of Art & Art Professions, BA.
2002 — 2004
Yale University, Sculpture, MFA

Plants Vs Zombies, Tim’s Used Books, Provincetown, MA
Chris Bogia, Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC.

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Tomorrow’s Man, curated by Jack Pierson, University of Nevada, Reno, NV.
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Uncensored: Queer Art and the Church, Leslie Lohman Museum, NYC
Joni, Kathleen Cullen Gallery, curated by Chris Bogia, NYC
Unpunished, Sue Scott Gallery, curated by Nayland Blake, NYC
Back Room, Untitled Gallery, curated by Haley Mellin
Secret Otherness: The Return of the Repressed, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, NYC
The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, NYC
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Sophie Spar Sale, curated by Sarah Greenburger, presented by Printed Matter, NYC.
Senior Thesis Exhibition, NYU Rosenburg Gallery, NYC
The Night Light Show, curated by Hillary Moore, Deli Dancers Space, NYC.
Sick Shit Show 3, curated by POPsmear Magazine, CBGB’s Gallery, NYC.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Award
Alice Kimball Traveling Fellowship, Yale University
Larry Kramer Initiative Research Grant for Lesbian and Gay Studies.

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Texas A&M University, artist lecture, March 10, 2016
New York University, artist lecture, March 24, 2016
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, artist lecture, November 2, 2013
Cherry Grove Community House, FIAR Founders Talk, August 12, 2013.

2011 — PRESENT
Fire Island Artist Residency, Fire Island, NY
Director / Co-Founder
Oversee all aspects of running a non-profit (501c3) organization
– Manage finances
– Create monthly budget
– Order office and studio supplies
Board of Directors
– Liaison to diverse and esteemed board of directors on residency progress
– Oversee scheduling and execution of board meetings
– Cultivate new board to maintain board of 10-12 members
– Collaborate with well-known artists to create benefit editions
– Manage edition sales and shipping
– Write grants (recent successes include NYSCA)
– Cultivate individual donors (Sikkema Jenkins Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, others)
– Correspond with all donors
Public Relations
– Manage all social media accounts
– Plan and execute public events throughout the year
– Update website with press, participate in press/ interviews
– Administrate yearly admissions of over 400 applicants anually, and up to 8 jurors
– Review all admissions materials received
– Oversee daily operations during residency: events, visitors, studios, and artist needs
– Hire and oversee a studio manager each year who reports to the director
– Host all visiting lecturers, and provide meals, hospitality, etc.
– Communicate with Arts Project of Cherry Grove regarding events and promotion