Chelsea M. McCarthy

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Artist Statement

Rip is to pull apart. To shred paper and mash it to the wall with water and glue. 
Rip is radical. An aggressive action of pulling pieces apart. 
Rip is physical. Prying the shell from the wall it has been stuck to. 
Rip is removal. The shell now carries paint and chunks of drywall on its back.
Rip is familiar. Like peeling your skin after a bad sunburn. 
Rip is power.  

 Shell is a dried hard tower. 
Shell is resilient. Perseverance without the wall.
Shell is female. Beauty is distracting.
Shell is durable, unpolished and rough to the touch. 
Shell is tits and ass turned Goliath. 
Shell is a lifespan and decay.  

Wind is action on replay. 
Wind is a horizontal sweep. 
Wind shapes the shell. 
Wind is connection.
Wind is constant. 
Wind is wall.  


Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles, CA.
BFA Painting, 2015
Lives and works in Los Angeles CA
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Group exhibitions 2017

All the Small ThingsSteve Turner, Los Angeles CA, July 29 – Aug. 26 2017
The Peel UpCal Arts MFA Center, Pasadena CA, July 29 – Aug. 6 2017.
Hollowship WorshipIn Lieu, Los Angeles CA, March 22 – April 22 2017
The Course of EmpireHoliday, Los Angeles CA, Jan. 21 – Jan. 23 2017
HeartburnBBQLALos Angeles CA , January 20 2017  

Group exhibitions 2016 

Skin EgoSkibum MacArthur, Los Angeles CA, June 26 – Aug. 7 2016 

Curatorial Work  

Two person curatorial group: Chelsea McCarthy & Corinne Bernard 

Artist in ResidenceThrough the Canadian Arts Council Grant, we facilitated & organized a one-month residency in LA for Canadian artist Jennifer Lefort, May 2016 – May 2017

Artist in Residence SpaceOffering six-week residency programs to LA artists free of charge, April 2015 – Aug. 2015

How’s it Going? Group exhibition featuring 37 domestic and international artists. New York, NY, July 6 – July 27 2015

Grand Depository In collaboration with Sharon Lockhart and her photo II undergrads at USC, we organized an exhibition in protest of silently moving the Fine Arts Library off-campus. Result, victory for FA students, library stayed on campus.   April 24 – April 25 2015.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Group Exhibition featuring, CalArts grad students. Exhibition took place at Otis College of Art and Design’s Bolsky Gallery, Dec. 11 2014 – Jan. 9 2015