Chakima Micheau

What initially began as nostalgic renderings during my senior year at SVA, has since become several series of paintings and marker illustrations exploring childhood memories and identity. Particularly occurrences and items that help to illustrate my experiences as a West Indian American Bronx native in the 1990’s. As a child with limited access to art, my main influences as evidenced in my work was media geared towards black people often filtered through mainstream pop culture due to limited visibility of people like me.  Every person I’ve drawn or painted subsequently, has stemmed from wanting to make up for feeling overlooked and relegated to the background as a non-conformist black girl. However, much of the little black pop culture I took in was predominately about the black American male experience with roots in the South. A common occurrence, when one considers the often-overlooked black immigrant and first-generation experiences of West Indians and Africans.  Much of my work has been about challenging these limited ideas of blackness, colorism, identity, gender socialization and how people view these things mainly within the context of childhood all set within New York City. At times my subjects deal with my influences in a straightforward manner e.g. My Inktober series 2017-Present, while in some instances e.g. Something About 7 utilizes Barbie dolls and accessories to tell a personal story. In order to maintain the quality of my work, I spend a lot of time researching 1980’s-1990’s images that can recapture these moments as meticulously as possible.


2013 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2007-2010 Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY



2019 “Don’t Sweat the Technique” Group Exhibition, Wall Works NY, Bronx, NY

2018 “A Different World”, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY

2018 “Open Studios”, Closing Party, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY

2018 “Open Studios”, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY

2016 “Yo-New York! Issue #3” Launch Party, Mormor Studios, LES, New York, NY

2016 “NY Fine Art Show”, Lovecraft Bar NYC, New York, NY

2015 “Winter Grand Salon Show”, The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014 “Student Scholarship Competition 2014”, Society of Illustrators, New York, NY

2013 “Open Studios”, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2012 “Man Made Monsters”, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY



2019 AIM 39 Artist in Residence Fall 2019, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY

2018 Artist in Residence Summer 2018, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY



2019 Featured Artist, Bronx Narratives Issue.3 Magazine, Bronx, NY

2016 Featured Artist, Friday Portfolio, School of Visual Arts, SVA Alumni social media

2016 Featured Artist, Yo-New York! No.3 Magazine, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Society of Illustrators, Annual Student Competition 2014 Publication, New York, NY


Professional Experience

2019 Live Cast/Muse, John Ahearn Studio, Bronx, New York

2015 Private Commission, Love is Stronger Than Pride, Watercolor painting (10 x 15), Stacey W., Ontario, CA

2015 Graphic Design, House of Seafood Express, Inc., New York, NY

2013 Teacher’s Assistant, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2009 Intern, The Society of Illustrators, New York, NY



2012 BFA Illustration/Cartooning Award, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2011 Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2010 NYS State Diversity Scholarship