Cameron Crone

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Artist Statement

I use the camera in a straight forward manner to photograph a range of objects, from quotidian consumer objects, often on the verge of becoming trash, to sculptures I have made or found. With my subjects I’m never on the “look out” for any quality in particular. When I have found something I respond to I’ll consider using unexpected juxtapositions, points of view, and camera angles. These decisions open up new pathways for thinking about meaning and delay easy reads. Once everything has fallen into place, I’ll use the camera lens to transform these elements into a picture that seems absurd, like cat litter on top of a towel. The resulting image addresses formal concerns, such as gesture and pattern, and ideas around cleanliness, hygiene, and how we differentiate ourselves from animals.

When an idea for an object can’t be pictured in a photograph I will make a sculpture. Like my photographs, I consider the materials and form that are used in conjunction with my selected object to complicate the read of the sculpture. For example, terrazzo inside a pizza box at first appears to be an illogical combination of materials. But, the form of the terrazzo follows the box, and both materials share a common history.

There is a shared concern with Modernist photography’s formal investigation of everyday objects. With my work, whether it is a photograph or sculpture the goal is the same – to make work in this lineage that upends our expectations of our expectations.




1984 in Santa Ana, CA.

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.



University of California, Riverside, MFA in Visual Art.


California State University, Long Beach, BFA in Photography.

Solo Exhibitions


Reflow the Logic Board, Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


Object, Image, Room, Wood, Etc., Workspace, Los Angeles, CA.


Lightbox for Neon Gallery, Neon Gallery, Long Beach, CA.

Group Exhibitions


Kill All Zombies, The Property, Los Angeles, CA.

Temporary Contemporary with Night Gallery, Malibu, CA.

Reagan Babies, Ms. Barbers, Los Angeles, CA.


Another Cats Show, 356 Mission Rd., Los Angeles, CA.

Table Setting II, Curated by Jancar Jones, Important Projects, Oakland, CA.

Night Gallery at Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, CA.

A Frayed Knot: Cameron Crone, David Gilbert, Samantha Roth, Organized by Cole Akers Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


Nacht Gläbigen/Be Leaf Me, Curated by Davida Nemeroff, Infernoesque/The Funny Pit, Berlin, Germany.


MFA Thesis Show, Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside, CA.


Inaugural Exhibition, Kaycee Olsen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Inaugural Show, Neon Gallery, Long Beach, CA.



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Sol T. Goldstein Award.


Fine Arts Affiliates Scholarship.


Fine Arts Affiliates Scholarship.