Artist Statement

There is a certain misplaced reverence toward the colonial architecture of the United States that tends to neglect the violent history of the country itself. It is the dark corners of this particular colonialism that my work mines. In one way, to be confronted with vernacular architecture and its signage is to face a long, un-self-conscious history of necessity. However, by altering the sturdy signifiers that mark an object as American colloquial, space is created for the violent past behind these aesthetics to be revealed. This skewing of function allows the work to serve as a portrait of both the artist and the public rather than an anthropological study of either and to extend past its provincial representation to comment on the culture wholly.

The visual tools I have developed borrow from both exterior and interior, domestic architecture. I use dollhouse shingles to cover the exterior of the house-like forms. The shift in scale of the dollhouse shingles in relation to the relatively human sized structures creates an uncanny and uncomfortable reaction to the perceived, contained, psychological space within the structure. In my paintings I utilize banister moldings, mitered over and over and laid out flat, like the many, exploded viewpoints of a cubist work. I coat them with plaster and paint, similar to the finishing of a wall. Other architectural renderings are routed into the moldings, and another structure in wood is laid over top. This layering of different types of spatial and ergonomic imagery addresses the dense, psycho-space within the walls of a house, collecting and storing energy over time.


Born 1987, West Newbury, MA
Lives/works, Brooklyn, NY


2015 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME
2010 Pitzer College, BA Studio Art/Media Studies, Claremont, CA.


2017 wallflower frieze, with Meena Hasan, 6BASE, Bronx, NY
2016 Smile in The Dark with Mathew Stone, Left Field Gallery, San Lois Obispo, CA
2015 S.L.A.B., Violet’s Café, Donut District, Brooklyn, NY.


2017 Construct, Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, ME
2016 The Gift Shop, Red Bull Studios, New York, NY
The Landscape Changes 30 Time, curated by Ala Dehgan, Anahita Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
Inside/Outside: Works from the Skowhegan Archives, curated by Michelle Grabner, CSA Gallery, Waterville, ME.
Slow Jams, Suite 415, Bushwick, Brooklyn.
To Do as One Would, David Zwirner, New York, NY.
What to Do, curated by Poppy Pulitzer, 315 Berry St. Apartment, Brooklyn, NY.
Paintingwall (Janus at 8:16), curated by Ala Dehghan, Touch Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
The Milkshed Show, The Milkshed, West Newbury, MA.
Reaching Landfall: Miami Basel Jerry Riggs Fine Art, Miami, FL.
Getting It Fowler Arts, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY
Space Half Empty Fowler Arts, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY.
It’s A Small, Small World, Family Business Gallery, New York, NY.
Et. Al Senior Exhibition, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA.


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