Brandon Drew Holmes

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Artist Statement

My paintings are objects that reveal the process of their making through a layered transparency. The structural seams of the paintings are laid bare, their surfaces acting as diagrams of thought processes and decision-making.

Making paintings is a physical activity that is performative. The tactility of painting and the use of concrete materials is a way of responding to visual and physical experience in a tangible way. I am interested in painting ( and abstraction in particular) not only as a way of responding to these experiences tangibly, but also as a vehicle to communicate a narrative or psychological affect that attempts to exist outside of language or representation.

In my recent paintings, compositional elements are organized in a way that recalls an operating table, in which the anatomical parts of a painting are dissected. The compositions swing between harmony and a kind of dissonance. I’m interested in the paintings resting in this state of almost falling apart, and how this status may create a tension that challenges and questions the expectations of a painting.


Born 1985

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Solo Exhibition and Projects


Curated by…, McArthur B Arthur, Oakland.


Beautiful Kiosk, As Is Exhibitions, Oakland.


Living, 4707, Oakland.

Selected Group Exhibitions


If I Did It, 9800, Los Angeles.

Belated Soul, Pretty Days, New York.

Tear Inferno, Land & Sea, Oakland.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Sensei, New York.

Shared Language, Cudayh, Los Angeles.

Primal Dream, Mission Comics Gallery, San Francisco.

Swans, n/a, Oakland.


Body Manipulations, The LAB, San Francisco.


Matter Matters, As Is Exhibitions, Oakland.

MNEME, McArthur B Arthur, Oakland.

Selected Readings


Peasant Opportunity, Chin’s Push, Los Angeles.

Ladybug House Presents…, SFAQ Headquarters, San Francisco.

McPoems, McDonalds on Sunset, Los Angeles.

Cantil Reading Series, Rise Up Temporary Books, Oakland.

Published Projects

To be released at the 2016 LA Art Book Fair.

Danger, Publication Studio: Oakland, Oakland.

Pedestrian Pedestrian, Odium Fati, San Francisco.

Upcoming Projects


February Two-Person exhibit at Et Al., San Francisco.

April-May Artist in Residence at PAM, Los Angeles.

Summer Solo exhibit at No Ego, Los Angeles.