Brandon Drew Holmes

Making Black art that does not fetishize, dehumanize or tote the Black body is my ultimate goal. Communicating my existence without investing my existence in an industry and society that will fetishize me. Attempting to understand where I have harmed other Black people and how to rectify it. Looking to history to explain to my peers that none of this is new, but some of it could be avoidable. Not bring harm to Black people with the work that I create. Respecting our body, lives, minds and desires. Making media that is meant for the Black gaze. Making media that is intended for a Black viewer to be nourished, heard, seen, validated… Making media for Black people that does not sacrifice Black people at an alter of whiteness. I, Brandon Drew Holmes, live and navigate my life as a queer Black person sharing and guarding intersections with other Black people. I make work for Black people who can not speak their truths about antiBlackness and whiteness. For whatever reasons that be. I make work for Black people and strive mostly to never do harm to Black people with the work that I create/do.