Baseera Khan

Moving across prints, sculpture, installation, and performance, my practice draws from personal and politicized collective experiences as an Afghani/Indian-American queer femme. Through combining distinct and often mutually exclusive cultural references, I explore the alienation, displacement, assimilation, and fluidity that make up my own hybrid identity – my interest in exile and kinship. The resulting works investigate the limits of legibility by either contradicting the assumptions projected upon a Muslim, brown body through honoring my own intersectionality, or through refusing to be projected upon at all via concealment and abstraction. Reverential and heretical, the work reflects the complicated relationship I maintain towards identity.

These works sampled come from two large project installations, one entitled iamuslima, and the other entitled [Feat.      ]. Feat is a play on the word’s double meaning, an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength, as well as the culture of giving a shout-out to an artist featured in a song one can find on Spotify, or Soundcloud. These two projects mirror each other as iamuslima is an installation where I define my sovereignty, my landscape, my legacy, my terms of engagement, and the installation [Feat.     ] is where I find comfort, where my collective self fights for a safe place in America.

The installation of iamuslima comes together into several bodies of work. First, a pair of customized Nike Air Force Ones embroidered with the word “muslima”, an intentional misspelling that circumvents the corporate censorship of the word “Muslim” from the NIKEiD program. Not unlike the CDC’s recent controversy over words forbidden from financial documents, this sensitivity reveals a pervasive islamophobia underlying even the most banal forms of American culture. Working within these parameters I then own the identity of muslima for myself as a designation of both displacement and resistance.

The shoes are presented as part of a larger installation of books, which cite a lineage of radical activists such as Jean Genet and Frantz Fanon. Through this I am able to expand beyond the subaltern context identification politics may presume of me, allowing for a more expansive, and ultimately more specific frame of reference for understanding my practice. The books and shoes are situated inside of custom designed clear plexiglass shoe boxes with arabesque cut-outs. Like a storefront for high-end consumer culture – I use the aesthetic sensibilities to elicit the commercialized packaging of spirituality.

The space can be engaged with further through a series of silk Psychedelic Prayer Rugs, designed with religious and secular iconography and hand-made by artisans in Kashmir, India. Viewers are encouraged to take their own shoes off, leave them inside the stacked empty shoe boxes called Reading Room On Purpose, and perform the traditional salat, the daily prayers that constitute one of the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars are interpreted further in a series of five large screen-prints.

The Acoustic Sound Blankets are sculptures made of sound-dampening material that I have embroidered in gold with patterns passed down through generations of women in my family. As sculptures, they resemble burqa-covered bodies, slumped on the floor. I activate the sculptures through performances in which I transform the objects into intimate spaces to be huddled within; safe spaces I open to viewers in order for private exchanges to take place.

The Psychedelic Prayer Rugs and Acoustic Sound Blankets pointed me in the direction of an installation to share what my world looks like as I duck under the heavy sound insulated material. Calling this body of work [Feat.      ], three major features come out of this installation. One is footage of an acoustic sound blanket performance at the Fort Worth Modern in Texas. At the foot of the museum’s campus, a large Richard Serra sculpture is installed, I am filmed fighting and loving with Serra’s sculpture. For the first time as karaoke films, spliced with clips of a personal narrative—my nieces and nephews reciting the states of America, learned at school, in a makeshift fort – the films speak to my experiences of displacement and revisionist encounters with existing monuments that tend to exclude feminist and queer readings.

[Feat.   ] begins with a lowered ceiling made from speaker cover fabric and a black and gold mirrored plexiglass chandelier in the center of the space acting as a disco ball. One must duck under to experience the third feature, customized lounge chairs, and unique seating panels made from pleather, my underwear, and mass-produced prayer rugs, lined with LED lighting, and speakers to hear the sound from the karaoke videos. These Seats have become an object that can be mounted to a wall, like a painting can sometimes question the gaze, these Seats deny you of sitting, and ask the question of who gets to take a seat, or what is the relationship of sitting on the ground, on a prayer rug, verses on a chair.

Lastly, I have included an installation and performance entitled Braidrage, an expansive climbing wall. Braidrage resulted from a set of photographs where I submerged my body in India ink, crude oil, and water to understand how to cast the corners of my body, I call these c-prints Blackwater. Dressing myself with chalk as many other rock climbers do, I became a drawing implement. The holds, which is the name for synthetic rocks at a rock climbing gym, are made of fractured bodies, cast after my own in resin, that are embedded with strands of hair, fragments of reflective space blanket, often seen on the shoulders of refugees, and wearable gold jewelry. Hanging just off the wall is a monumental braid, which I use to climb the wall in a reenactment of generational trans-geographic historical trauma, a recognition of the innumerable lost bodies and histories of other Muslim women that I stand on in order to be here today. What is left behind is a traditional drawing from the chalk studded with casts of my collective body.


2012 MFA, School of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

2005 BFA, Visual Arts Design & Sociology, University of North Texas, Denton, TX


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2018 (tba July 10, 2pm) NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship, Interdisciplinary Work, New York, NY 2016/18 Nomination, Rema Hort Mann Foundation Award
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Nomination, Art Matters Artist Grant, New York, NY
2012 Michael Rapuano Memorial Award, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
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2018-19 Artist in Residence, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY
2016-17 Artist in Residence, AIRspace, Abrons Art Center, New York, NY
2015 International Travel Fellowship, Israel/Palestine, Apexart, New York, NY

Artist in Residence, Process Space, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY 2014 Artist in Residence, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Program, MA 2009-12 Participant, Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

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