Barak Zemer

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What Is My Work About? 

In the last few years I have used many depictions of flesh. The flesh has become like a thread that connects my works, every time taking on a different meaning and significance. Often it is literally depictions of human or the animal skin but at times I make images of what I imagine as the flesh of an object or that of a city.I see my fascination with exposed flesh as similar to my ambition in photography to scrape a surface and expose some kind of truth, to reach a layer that bares a wound. It is the skin that brings me to think about the passing of time, about passion and desire, fear and disgust.The flesh in my images functions as the layer that reveals a reality, but at the same time it is the surface that conceals mysterious internal mechanisms and opens up a set of new questions.

Artist Statement

In my work I use the camera as a mapping device. It is an instrument that surveys, marks or manipulates and allows me to define my reality.

Through this tracking process, a vast and incoherent collection of items is amassed. I venture into it, as though I am an anthropologist embarking on a quest in an attempt to discover its meaning. As this anthropologist I relate to the images as artifacts from unknown worlds, I try to make sense of these artifacts; I move them around and build sequences until a fictional reality emerges. In this reality the hierarchies between animals, objects and people disappear. Torn carpet on an elevator wall turns into flesh, my own hand transforms into a gruesome plant, a dead fish turns into a live monster.

The images become an isolated system of symbols that displace notions of time and place. The world conveyed blurs the line between what may seem stumbled upon, staged or manipulated. It holds the threat of collapsing the distinction between what is perceived as alive or dead, good or bad. In my work I seek to form a kind of non-place that enables me to feel and wonder about the here and now.



Born 1979, Jerusalem, Israel. Lives and works in Los Angeles

2013- Graduate (MFA) at the USC Roski School of Fine Arts.

2008- Undergraduate (BFA) at the Fine Arts Department at the Bezalel. Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

2003-  Photography studies at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, Rome, Italy.


Solo Exhibitions


ltd presents…Barak Zemer/ Cold Feet, Sweaty Hands, ltd Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA*
Sealed and Punctured, two person show with Lila De Magalhaes, Private Island, Los Angeles, CA


Pretty Sure it Was Then, USC Thesis Exhibition at the USC Gayle and Ed Roski Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Double Headed, Two person show with Itamar Shimshoni, The Cliff Gallery, Netanya, Israel


Group Exhibitions


ltd Los Angeles booth, NADA Miami Beach, Miami, FL
Black Box, Manofim, Jerusalem, Israel
Aftertaste, Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, CA


Inside this Human Clay, ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Black Box, Manofim, Jerusalem, Israel
Real Estate Conspiracies, The New & Bad Gallery, Haifa, Israel
The Owls Are Not What They Seem, Ganei Omer, Israel


Wallpapers, Rea Workshop of Photography, Tel Aviv, Israel
Artists at Work, Ha’gada Ha’smalit, Tel Aviv, Israel


Tendertender, Manofim, Jerusalem, Israel


Homo Bellicus, Christiania Innovationszentrum, Berlin, Germany
Bezalel BFA Thesis Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel.
Cats, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Israel


Selected Publications

2013    Ed D. Nemeroff, C. Kohne, K. Wolf. Night Paper II Fall 2013

2012    ed Natalie Levin, Joshua Simon, Roy Arad, The New & Bad Art Magazine Issue No3

2011    ed Natalie Levin, Joshua Simon, Roy Arad, The New & Bad Art Magazine Issue No2

2010    Zilberberg Daniel. Walla Culture, “Celebrating the Double”, <>


Awards & Scholarships

2011     The USC Teaching Assistantship Scholarship, the Roski School of Fine Arts

2008    The Keshet Institute Award for Excellence, the Fine Arts Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

The Mandel Leadership Institute Award

2008    The Sharet Institute Award, The America-Israel Cultural Foundation

2005     The Sharet Institute Award, The America-Israel Cultural Foundation

* “Ltd presents…” is a project space at Ltd Los Angeles, it is defined as “a dedicated space within the gallery to realize practice-based projects independent of the commercial gallery schedule and context”,