Ashley Macomber

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What Is My Work About? 

My work is about women, specifically how sexuality, gender, and violence are experienced and represented in society. Through highly rendered watercolors from S&M pornography, I manipulate scale, size, composition and color to make purposely beautiful abstracted images. The paintings are investigations into my own confusing feelings about female sexuality and power. The work is not a declaration of any one point but an exploratory mission into the murky layers and dualities that exist in being a woman in America.

Artist Statement

Women today are the most equal they have ever been, but there is a seedy dark side that seems to coincide with this equality. Violence towards women from men is at astronomical numbers, the standards of beauty continue to skew into these unrealistic places where our own eyelashes are no longer acceptable and we must glue fake ones onto our faces. Los Angeles is a place that celebrates this darkness and vapid superficiality like no other city in America.

The extremely bizarre standards and behaviors that float throughout this city about sexuality and gender roles permeate to the core of its identity. It’s hard for me to reconcile the equality and freedom that exists with the murky subtext of repression that follows seems intertwined. I participate in the darkness and I am subject to its sway. I don’t think I am alone and that complexity keeps these issues on the forefront of my mind.

I have been working with bondage pornography lately specifically Hustler Taboo magazines that I nervously purchased at a magazine stand. I find myself attracted to specific photo shoots and I often work with the same image or models over and over.  The binding of the woman is important to the images I choose, but I stay away from genitalia or obvious representations of intercourse. Control and dominance is what I focus on because as hardcore as the source material is, the paintings are meant to be beautiful and ambiguous and the impression of control and dominance is more important to me than the sex.

I am currently working with one specific image and manipulating it to make a series that will function as a show. I do a lot of the manipulation in the computer and with a Xerox before translating that to the painted surface. With this new body of work I am painting the source material straight, turning that into a print and then painting on top of it and deconstructing the physical paper to remake the image.

I am not entirely sure what the goal is of the finished work, there isn’t any particular concept or belief system that I hope the viewer gets.   I can’t control what people see when they look at my work (I have people say the craziest most inappropriate things to me since I started working with this material) and it has stopped being something I can care about without losing my footing.   I think my work is more about a journey for me, hoping along the way to gain some understanding and as a bonus connect to other people I respect.

Ashley Macomber




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