Asha Schechter

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University of California Los Angeles
Master of Fine Arts
The California College of Arts and Crafts
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions
-Mud of Murk (With Patrick Jackson, curated by Trevor Shimizu)
3A Gallery
New York, NY 2016
– Screen Time (with Sandra Vaka Olsen, curated by Tina Kukielski)
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
Philadelphia, PA 2015
– The Bucket
metro pcs
Los Angeles, CA 2015
– Bloopers III
LAXART (Window)
Los Angeles, CA 2013
– Bloopers II
The Finley
Los Angeles, CA 2013
– Mockup
Vitoria, Spain 2012
– Share Chair Cher
New York, NY 2011

Selected Group Exhibitions
– GRIND (Curated by Joshua Nathanson)
Various Small Fires
Los Angeles, CA 2016
– Apeirophobia/Aporia (Curated by Sohrab Mohebbi and Miljohn Ruperto)
Human Resources
Los Angeles, CA 2016
– Camera of Wonders (Curated by Jens Hoffman)
Centro de la Image
Mexico City, Mexico 2015
– Brendan Fowler, Nancy Lupo, Asha Schechter, Trevor Shimizu
Michael Thibault
Los Angeles, CA 2013
– “Made in Space” (Curated by Laura Owens & Peter Harkawik)
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise & Venus Over Manhattan
New York, NY 2013
– “Stand-In”
Albert Baronian
Brussels, Belgium 2013
– “Things, Words and Consequences” (Curated by Sanya Kantarovsky)
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Moscow, Russia 2012
– “Productive Steps” (Curated by Sam Falls & Lucas Blalock)
Mount Trempner Arts
Mount Trempner, NY 2011
– “Broken Umbrellas”
Laurel Gitlen Gallery
New York, NY 2011
– “The City Proper” (Curated by James Welling)
Margo Leavin Gallery
Los Angeles, CA 2011

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YoYoYo Grant, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, 2014
ARC Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation, 2012
Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, 2012
UCLA Art Council Award, 2008
D`Arcy Hayman Award, 2007

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Artium (Vitoria, Spain)
Kadist Foundation