Aragna Ker

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Artist Statement

My creative goal as an artist is to combine, blend and/or unite intangible similarities. My experiential consumption create a digestive process that expels objective matter to be inspected, avoided or re-consumed by the audience. Subliminal bells prompt viewers to dig through the layered depth of intuition. Public presentation of these works creates its own virtual hybrid of culture and globalism.

Facades, myth, idealism, culture, and impermanence act as a well of reference for my art making. Accordingly, esoteric materials become exploited. Combining these concepts with subjective memory, I use the potency of motive to curiously attack the complexity of simplistic materials.  Color schematics bridge the language barriers between builder and dismantler. Watercolors, multi-media collage are system used to meticulously execute the objective of ambiguity.

My work’s methodology are based on personal and cultural tropes. The challenge is to see if I can relate to mundane materials through the motive behind my subject matter. It is the unexplored of the project that creates possibilities and challenges that, if overcome, provide a new narrative. Unknowingly, this also becomes the viewer’s experience. It is through my own artistic discoveries that I can provide this same sense of approach to Los Angeles as a city, as a culture, as a people and as a subject matter.