Andrew Cameron

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Artist Statement

My work starts from fragments of attention to the world around me, and is an attempt to build these fragments back into wholes. Such wholes are not arrived at through composition or construction, but rather through tilting and turning, shifts of context and perspective, a kind of alignment, until what was first gathered as a fragment achieves a completion already inherent within what was never a fragment to begin with.

Commanding powerful histories all their own, images can be a result of or reason for such experience. Regarding reasons, I try to keep mine in the realm of the excuse, meaning that the work of my work involves the same attention to contextual detail and nuance present in the moments when fiction opens an uncertain dossier on the truth. I try to accomplish this work mainly through analogy, the same analogy linking photographs and their referents. Photographs remind us that it’s possible for a piece of the world, of reality itself, to flake off and take form. If my work is about anything it is about the ways in which that might occur.