Andrea McGinty

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Artist Statement

Provocative texts flash across iPhone screens as private admissions are recounted unapologetically in rapidly looping videos. (Img 14-16, Vid 17) Set to soothing meditation music, and layered over calming nature videos, burning incense and flickering candles, the narratives fight to connect themselves to a vague notion of spirituality. Presented casually on iPhones plugged into outlets as if left to charge, the viewer first encounters the videos as a voyeur eavesdropping on a stranger’s text message. When the phones reveal themselves as installations, the relationship to the viewer shifts. Our familiarity with smartphones as a major source of information and entertainment transforms the iPhones into neutral platforms of communication. Our comfort with these devices creates an intimate experience. Written in the first person, the viewer is forced to internalize the statements as they read, and in turn, relate them to their own feelings of shame. Modeled after tweets, text messages, and Facebook status updates, the fragments of thoughts can be easily trivialized, though these systems have become a frequent and important means of discourse. By channeling the methods through which we mediate our connections to the world, my videos allow viewers to examine their own complicated reality.

God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name (Img 12-13) is an erotic novella published in March 2015 by Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited. The story follows a young artist named Eva as she finds herself in rehab after her successful art career takes a plunge. In search of sober strength and spiritual recovery, she escapes to an artist residency in the European countryside, but instead of serenity she finds a series of emotionally trying romantic trysts facilitated by a dating app called Bangly. Throughout the novella, Eva’s relationship with addiction, and the success of her recovery through 12 step programs and new age religious practices are playfully questioned. God evokes sexual fantasy as a method to transcend, confirm, or subvert personal politics. Language can subtly reflect our societal conditions when filtered through intimate relationships, but provides, at best, an imperfect articulation. In this novella I use tropes of erotic fiction to reveal underlying notions of agency, power, guilt, and shame. I update literary conventions by integrating current issues such as online dating, financial instability, and postfeminism.

In Believe (Img 4-5) a graphic tank top repeating the words “inspire”, “empower”, “create”, “achieve”, and “believe” is hung from a garment rack and stuffed with brightly colored plastic back scratchers. Once together, the seemingly disparate elements (an inspirational fitness top, a common household organizer, and a dollar store comfort item) take on a unified sense of desperation, as if randomly combining elements could somehow amplify their beneficial effects. Humidifiers dressed in custom sewn, brightly colored crop tops marketed to teen girls are emblazoned with shallow, positive phrases such as “Good Vibes”, “Stay Positive, and “Be Nice or Go Away”. (Img 1-3, 6-10) The apparel sourced from discount juniors clothing shops and household therapeutic objects are tied together as ambiguous signifiers of physical and mental health. Meticulously, yet awkwardly handsewn, the blindly positive decorative covers embody a sense of compulsion. The functional humidifiers create a cool mist, changing the atmosphere of the room. As moisture changes the density of the air the space becomes overwhelmingly humid. These flawed, superstitious devices remind the viewer that we can do our best to assimilate to our immediate environment but larger problems can’t be as easily assuaged.



b. 1985
lives and works in New York City, USA

2014 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, MFA Fine Arts
2007 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, BA Art History


High Tide, Philadelphia, PA solo exhibition (forthcoming)
HotelArt. us, Internet/New York, NY solo exhibition (forthcoming)
Sight, Site, Cite , Outlet Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (forthcoming)
Bounce Castle , Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY
Mingled Bodies , Vanity Projects, New York, NY, curated by Jovana Stokic
Plus One , Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Colors , Louis B. James, New York, NY
lifecreep, Papa John’s Projects, Facebook/Internet, solo exhibition
New Release, 60 Mulberry St, New York, NY, curated by Erin Goldberger
happiness is overrated lol jk, 5 Sutton Street, Brooklyn, NY, solo exhibition
Gezellig , Achter de Boom, New York, NY
Nonprojections for New Lovers , Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
Ice Storm , The Willows, Brooklyn, NY
Beverly’s at Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico

Bye, Felicia , BHQFU, New York, NY
The Night of the Lost Art , Akranes Museum Center, Akranes, Iceland
Urban View , Periscope, Salzburg, Austria
Between Two Thoughts , SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY
Double Take, Youme Haus, Brooklyn, NY
Homefront , Visual Arts Gallery Chelsea, New York, NY, curated by Jovana Stokic
Beaver, The Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

Balloon Ball , Beverly’s, New York, NY
Body Dirt , The Refrigerator, Richmond, VA
Antithesis , Active Space, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Omar Lopez Chahoud
NOW , FUSE Art Infrastructure, Allentown, PA
Conversation Drivers, Tracx Gallery Space, New York, NY

Dark City, The Refrigerator, Richmond, VA

Other Possible Titles, Grizzly Grizzly Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Tutorial , LaAgencia, Bogotá, Columbia
The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA
Night of art and Art, The Commune at 1605, Washington, DC

Nitehawk Shorts Festival , Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY
Fun For Summer , CoWorker Projects, New York, NY
Quarterly Arts Soiree , Webster Hall, New York, NY

New Years Eve , Beverly’s Project Space, New York, NY
Video Art Program , Select Fair, Miami, FL
Quarterly Arts Soiree , Webster Hall, New York, NY
Media Lounge , CAA Annual Conference, New York, NY
Transmediation , Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Micol Hebron

Artist Film Club, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Caryn Coleman


The Paula Rhodes Memorial Award
SVA Alumni Scholarship Award

School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts Award


2014 Arteles Creative Residency Program, Finland


“OK Cupid”, Alt/Process Magazine, Issue 1
“God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name”, New York: Badlands Unlimited, 2015, Print and Ebook


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Pure Potentiality , Achter de Boom, New York, NY (forthcoming)
The Future is Whatever, Nitehawk Cinemas, Brooklyn, NY
Humor and the Abject , BHQFU, New York NY

Time Base , Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY