Amanda Turner Pohan

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Artist Statement

My work is about recording, translating and re-organizing the sensuousness of the body. Bodies are intimately related to the histories and power structures embedded within science, medicine, design, and digital communication. The history of the internet or the discovery of the birth control pill, for example, are inscribed within the network of systems of the body, becoming a living body archive. The relationship between history and the body reveals how identity and subjectivity cyclically materialize, evaporate, and re-materialize. Using scent, sound, image, text and performance within sculptural immersive environments, I reactivate the sensuousness of the living body archive.
I create biological algorithms through employing electronic sensors, digital micro controllers, and computer software programs. Biometric sensors are used to record and archive breath, body heat, perspiration, heartbeats, brainwaves and more. Sculptures, images, scents, elixirs or sounds are composed directly from collections of bodily data, such as articulations of recording a person’s heartbeat or exhaled carbon dioxide. Through this process of digitally archiving bodily phenomena, I am able to create new objects and conditions. Most often, scent is used as a philosophy to dispel sense.
Various power structures that have worked historically to control and discipline the body and its desires are subverted by opening up the possibility for the body to manifest and express in a multitude of forms, from the architectural to the molecular. The digital interventions that I perform with the body deal with ways in which the body is disciplined, policed, coded, hacked, leaked, bought, and sold.



1985, New Jersey. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York
M.F.A Combined Media, Hunter College, New York

B.F.A Fine Arts with Honors, School of Visual Arts, New York

Select Exhibitions

The Living Body Archive of Linqox Criss, City Limits Gallery, Oakland, CA, October 14 – November 19 (forthcoming solo show).
LIFEFORCE, Untitled Space, NY, NY, July 26 – August 6 (group show).
Desiring To Be Data For Others, Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, January 23 – February 21 (solo show)

Littlest Sister Art Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach, Spinello Projects, Miami, Florida, November 30 – December 13 (group show).
Fuck, Marry Kill, performance with Marissa Bluestone, Present Company, Brooklyn, October 30 (group show).
Enduring Ephemera, AIR Gallery, Governors Island, NY, July 23 – August 23 (group show).
Care Readings, presented by Dana Kopel & Marian Tubbs for Minerva, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, July 12 (group show).
Immediate Female, Judith Charles Gallery, New York, January 25 – March 8 (group show).
The Signals Are Caressing Us, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, January 8 – February 1 (solo show).
Sing’s Millennium Mart, curated by Seung-Min Lee, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, December 13, 2014 – February 4, 2015 (group show).

Sex Without Bodies, Temporary Agency, Queens, NY, September 5 – 18 (group show).
New Visions: Crown Heights, organized by Carl E.Hazlewood, Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September 6 – October 5 (group show).
Pure Product, curated by Isaac Lyles, 247365 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, July 18 – August 18 (group show).
Currency As Space, HDLU Treasury and Mint, Zagreb, Croatia, March 5 – 27 (group show).
Constructed, Collaged, Combined & Congruent, Galerie Protégé, 197 Ninth Ave, New York, Feb 6 – March 8 (group show).

Newly Minted, Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, Connecticut, September 12 –October 16 (group show).
-0 to 1, Hunter College MFA Spring Thesis Exhibition, Times Square Gallery, New York, May 15 – June 16

Social Studies, La Conservera Centro Arte Contemporaneo, Murcia, Spain (group show)

Studio Cube, ACE Curatorial Collective, Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York (group show)

Art and Technology, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York (group show)

Prizes and Awards

Honors Award, School of Visual Arts, NY

Cisneros Scholarship Award for SOMA Summer Residency, Mexico City

Residencies and Fellowships

SOMA Summer with support by the Hunter College Cisneros Scholarship, Mexico City

A.I.R Fellow, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Distributed Intimacies, The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada, May 26 – June 13


Digital Remnants: Sex Without Bodies?, GUTS Magazine, Issue 3: Sex, December

20/20 Catalog, curated by Ciaran Bennett, School of Visual Arts Press


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