Amanda Friedman

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Artist Statement

I seek self-awareness in my work. A goal is to meet my mind and my art-making where they are. My mind races and grabs. My paintings do this with materials, with marks. Action is a line. I use painting as a way to watch myself think.
I hate the word “surfaces” in conjunction with painting. My painting is a paint-thing. A holistic entity. I take responsibility for the whole bunch of bananas. A window looking into and out of is not enough. There needs to be a realization of a live churning, a jumping. Activity. Hunger. Hardly waiting. Hard to stomach. Painting is a time-based medium.

Within the last nine months, I staged several paintings as three plays: I Lost Something in the Hills or A Painting of Blue Roses, Keychain’s Stream Dream, and She Moves Soft Things With Her Mind. I wrote the scripts by planning out scenes through painting. The paintings I made helped me imagine the places and actions I was writing about and the writing focused the paintings as scenes in time or mise-en-scène.
While working on these productions I imagine the tableaus of performers as painted places come to life. I think about lighting, layers, atmosphere, color, texture, forms interacting with one another, timing, composition and space. All things I keep in mind while making a more traditional painting. People and props in front of a painting create a live jolt, an interruption in an undulating field. I link painting and dance: the in-the-making mark or trail is not confined to movements of the hand. Instead it comes from a whole-body-mind-space.
In recent months I have been using the wall space around the two north-facing windows in my studio as an armature for painting. I stretch canvas across this vertical surface. As I apply layers of paint, the fabric absorbs the varied texture of the wall and holds this form. Once peeled from the architecture this drooping painting is skin-like and bulging. In Ovid’s Daphne myth, the goddess’s father turns her into a tree to protect her from Apollo’s love. Instead of perceiving tree-Daphne as a building-defense-system, imagine that her bark absorbs and becomes her pain. Emotion is tied to architecture.

Focusing on presence and slippage, I revel in the subjectiveness of our senses. I play with material special effects such as afterimage, repetition, and color-layer contrasts using paint and plastic lighting gels. At times I hinge these maneuvers to occult, apparition-filled eerie content, wanting to drive home a magical strangeness. Multiple planes within one space can make spontaneous and uncanny worlds.
I depict imagery that hints at flying, moving, or defying gravity. I make wings, light switches, doorways, footprints and banisters. These things are exits and entries. There is always a way to get out of a picture, yet, a recognizable shape may be what brings the viewer in. Corners of a room, lampshades, doorknobs; these things hold much psychic weight. I jump on them.

The kind of space I create in a painting does not exist as just one picture world. My collage impulse is primary. Piecing together the day through collecting and compiling materials. In college, over 10 years ago, I remember creating a human sized hump that protruded from the backside of my dorm room door. With clear packing tape I would attach the ephemera amassed in my bag throughout the day. A close friend laughed at my efforts and challenged me to trash them upon moving out; red-in-the-face, I did. But I continue picking up materials (a rock, string, bit of paper) through the day, keeping and tossing, taking apart. Bringing the world into the studio.



Born in Silver Spring, MD, 1984
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

2016 MFA, Painting, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandaleon Hudson,NY
2006 BA, Studio Art, minor, Art History, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
2005 Guest Student, Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland


2016 Frontispiece Hudson, Resident Artist, Coxsackie , NY
2015 Millay Colony for the Arts, Winter Shaker Resident, Austerlitz, NY
2013 Autocenter Summer Academy, Resident, Berlin, Germany. IMAR Residency, Resident Artist, Lakeville, CT
2012 The Shandaken Project, Resident Artist, Shandaken, NY
2011 Virginia Commonwealth University, Summer Studio Program, Richmond, VA
2009 Millay Colony for the Arts, Winter Shaker Resident, Austerlitz, NY
2007 Vermont Studio Center, Fellowship Artist, Johnson, VT
2006 University of Vermont, Jennifer Goldstein Senior Art Award, Burlington, VT
200206 University of Vermont, Presidential Scholarship, Burlington, VT
2002 Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Resident Artist, Silver Spring, MD


2014 Devil’s Dust, with Alissa Mckendrick, SOUTHFIRST Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 The Alfred Jensen Pain ting at Bellevue Hospital, with Laura Hunt, Spare Room Projects/Jackie Klempay, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Amanda Friedman, Eli Ping Gallery, NY, NY
Thoughtforms, PACS Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Senior Show, with Hilary Glass, Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
2005 Tiny Things, with Elizabeth Hirsch, The Victoria Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland .


2014 “Drawing Hilma Af Klint,” artist book with Ariel Dill and Denise Schatz, published by Miniature Garden
2013 “Because Nothing Ends,” artist book, published by Peradam.


The Eternal and the Ephemeral, Elizabeth Street garden, NY, NY. Curated by Alexander Barton (forthcoming)
Summer Anagram, NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Marco Antonini
SIX: A benefit for Regina Rex, Regina Rex, NY, NY
Super Sketchy, DCTV, NY, NY. Organized by Jennifer Sullivan and Alleyoop Projects
Turing’s Apple, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA. Organized by Tony Oursler.

6.021 MaMA Cubicle (with Miniature Garden), MoMA Cubicle, NYC, NY. Curated by Zanna Gilbert
Being Essex Flowers, Adds Donna, Chicago, IL. Curated by Kendra Patrick
Trust Fall, Spring Break Art Fair, NY, NY. Curated by Jennifer Sullivan
Pick One, Harbor Gallery, NY, NY. Curated by Regina Rex.

Mental Furniture, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Petrellas Imports
Sisrahtac, Torrance Shipman, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Brie Ruais and Maria Stabio
Shandaken Project Retrospective, 59 East 4th Street, NY, NY
Former Models: An Exhibition, BRIC House Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Merkx & Gwynne
ALS Benefit, Wallspace, NY, NY. Organized by Wallspace and Not Impossible Labs
First Annual Invitational, Kunstalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
The Last Brucennial, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, NY, NY
Spring Benefit, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
Other People’s Paintings, Torrance Shipman, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Matthew Fischer
SP Weather Reports (20082013),
The Center for Book Arts, NY, NY. Curated by Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson
to fade and peer at, FJORD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Curated by Jamie Felton and Zach Rawe Yard show, Essex Flowers, NY, NY
U:L:O: Part II, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Blonde Art Books.

Snail Salon, Regina Rex, Queens, NY. Curated by Adrianne Rubenstein
The Fourth Wall, The Willows, Brooklyn, NY
The Rose Show, Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY
Typhoon Haiyan Relief Benefit, The Lodge Gallery, NY, NY
Cisco Sysco Sisqo, La Fonda, Rockaway Beach, NY FriedmanAmandaCV
Cantaloupe Today, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
DIY PLINTH, do it (outside), Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY. Organized by Rachel Higgins
Group show, Essex Flowers, NY, NY
LOL and Evil in the Garden, 1027 Grand, Brooklyn, NY
Singular Cluster, Ruth Phaneuf Fine Arts, Long Island City, NY

Primary, Nudashank, Baltimore, MD. Curated by Jamillah James
The Fake Show, The Tomato House, Brooklyn, NY
VIII, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Juried by Ruba Katrib and Marlo Pascual
Joey, The Active Space, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Gina Beavers
You, Me, We, She (with Art Book Club), Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Furthermore & Friends Present: Editions Sale + Kiosk, Furthermore, Washington, D.C.
Visàvis,Backyard Projects, NY, NY. Organized by H olly Stanton and Sean Keenan
Between the Eyes, FAB Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth Fine Arts Building, Richmond, VA
Art Book Club Presents, St. Cecilia’s Convent, Brooklyn, NY.

Big Apple, Clifton Benevento, NY, NY. Curated by Apartment Show
Brucennial 2010:Miseducation, Recess, NY, NY
Shop 2010, Sara Meltzer Projects, NY, NY
Additions, Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Daily Operation
Graphomania, Garbage man/Astronaut Project Space, Portland, OR
World’s Greatest, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Daily Operation (Jon Lutz)
Video showcase Art Wall, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA. Curated by Emily Isenberg
Error:Limitcheck, Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.

Parlour No. 11: When All Through the House, Cedar House, Brooklyn, NY
Giftland X: Happy House, Printed Matter, NY, NY. Curated by Apartment Show
REAL LOVE, Apartment Show, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Apartment Show
The Work Office (TWO), Chashama: 112 Times Squ Space, NY, NY. Organized by Katarina Jerinic & Naomi Miller
It’s All I Think About, The Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Hugs ‘N Knishes, NADA/L Magazine Emerging Artist Showcase, NY, NY
IF THE DOGS ARE BARKING, Artists Space, NY, NY. Curated by Apartment Show (Denise Kupferschmidt & Joshua Smith)
Junk Shop, NADA County Fair, Brooklyn, NY. Organized by Jeffrey Tranchell.

Bookverks, 143 Christopher Columbus Street, Jersey City, NJ.

Small Works, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY
Generations VI, A.I.R Gallery, NY, NY.


Keychain Stream Dream, A play that was part of the New York Flower Festival, Essex Flowers, NY, NY. Wrote, set design/construction, directed.
I Lost Something in the Hills or A Painting of Blue Roses (A Play), U.S. Blues, Brooklyn, NY. Wrote, set design/construction, directed
Drawing Hilma Af Klint: Book Launch, Coloring Sessions and Reading Room, Jackie Klempay, Brooklyn, NY
Drawing Hilma Af Klint: An Event, The Shandaken Project, Shandaken, New York. Organized with Ariel Dill
Kinesis Pieces, Essex Flowers, NY, NY. Curated by Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter
24 BY 36, with William McMillin, Ace Hotel, NY, NY. Organized by Ben Sisto
Tag Sale, The Hudson Guild Community Center, NY, NY. Organized by Julia Sherman
SP Weather Station portfolio artist. Organized by Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson.

Campfire Book Launch, White Columns, NY, NY. Organized with Peradam.

PARALLELOGRAMS. December, 2012. Online project. Curated by Leah Beeferman and Matt Harvey
Art Book Club booth, Printed Matter Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, LIC, NY
“Art Book Club Art Book,” self published zine (with Art Book Club)>

Art Book Club booth, Printed Matter Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, LIC, NY
“Art Book Club Art Book,” self published zine (with Art Book Club)

Art Book Club, founding member, Brooklyn, NY.


YOUTILITY, SOUTHFIRST Gallery, Brooklyn, NY FriedmanAmandaCV
Spotlight Poetry Reading with Rachel Glaeser, Kayla Guthrie, and Sophy Naess, Organized with A lissa Mckendrick, SOUTHFIRST Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Essex Flowers, cofounded and ran artist cooperative space, NY, NY
Curated at Essex Flowers:
Two Performances, Alina Tenser and Leah Beeferman (performance, 2014)
Shaun Krupa (performance, 2014)
JS/JS: Painters’ Pajama Party and ConfidenceBuilding
Seminar, Jennifer Sullivan (performance, 2014)
Lion King, Andy Meerow (exhibition, 2014)
Say it Going Nowhere and Where it Started, Laura Hunt ( performance, 2014)

Vision Quest, Cocurated with Taylor Trabulus, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NY, NY
Vision Quest, Cocurated with Taylor Trabulus, screening in conjunction with Vision Quest exhibition, Anthology Film Archives, NY, NY.

Soft Power, Cocurated with Elizabeth Hirsch, NURTURE Art, Brooklyn, NY

Unicorn Collection, Community Collections Window, The City Reliquary Museum, Brooklyn, NY.

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