2016 Artist Community Engagement Grantees in New York City

Adentro de Fuera by Snejina Latev
Artisan studios in Oaxaca—working in ceramics and paper-making—will team up with artists to document their process and work. The documentation strategy will help to introduce Oaxacan craftsmanship, history, and artwork to an international online audience.

Chloë Bass
The phase of this project facilitates letter-writing workshops with disparate communities—divided by class, race, or transportation—in St. Louis, MO. Fostering brief, intense, and everyday letter-writing practices among participants who usually have no connection is hoped to foster a sense of engaged humanity as a form of urban planning and public safety.

Bridget Batch
Campfire stories is a site-specific installation with projection, ambient audio, and found materials that invites audiences to sit down and share their own stories with each other and the artist. The installation will be in New York City in collaboration with former soldiers and victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Brooklyn Hi-Art Machine by Oasa DuVerney and MIldred Beltre
The Brooklyn Hi Art Machine will hold all-ages arts workshops in Crown Heights. The documented stories of local residents will contribute to an ongoing conversation about gentrification in the neighborhood and included in the second edition of The Guide to Tenant Rights and Community Activities.

Call Your Ball Friend by Andrea Bergart and Cecilia Salama
“Call your Ball Friends” will showcase 10 public basketball courtside interviews with 10 contemporary women artists. The project will feature women artists shooting hoops and discussing art on YouTube.

CANARIES by Catherine Czacki, Jesse Cohen, Taraneh Fazeli, Citron Kelly, Carolyn Lazard, Bonnie Swencionis, and Rebecca Watson Horn
Notes for the Waiting Room is a publication that investigates the bifurcation of body and mind in Western biomedicine and links autoimmune diseases to feminized discourses of hysteria and hypochondria. The text will be available through traditional art contexts as well as distributed in medical waiting rooms.

Dachal Choi
<new yorks> will engage with Chinese locals/immigrants in Tianjin and New York who share a similar yet curated Manhattan cityscape. By weaving together the stories and documents collected from Manhattan, USA and Manhattan, Tianjin City, the <new yorks> project will question a notion of home and our perpetual anxieties over a sense of belonging.

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem
Good Trade re-creates the Native American custom of trade in an urban environment throughout the five boroughs allowing a mutual exchange between participants and creating a form of communication. Free community workshops will teach hands-on music, dance, and visual art in the Native American form on the sidewalks of New York City.

Janna Dyk
An exchange between youth members of the Gowanus Houses Arts Collective and photo-Based Brooklyn artists, this project sustains meaningful connections at the neighborhood level by providing youth with studio visits, collaborative photographic workshops, and exhibition opportunities.

Amy Khoshbin
Activists in Sexy Solidarity is a participatory performance/reality show happening at Abrons Arts Center around the 2016 Presidential Election. The performance creates an interactive space for the voting public to respond creatively to questions about celebrity culture in politics, media representation of Middle Easterners, and how identity is commodified.

Photo Requests from Solitary by  Jeanine Oleson, Jean Casella and Laurie Jo Reynolds
Photo Requests from Solitary invites men and women in solitary confinement to request a photograph, and artists are connected to the request to make the image. Primarily a form of support for people in isolation, the project also brings to attention the harm of solitary confinement.

Rowan Renee
This project is a series of self-portrait and writing workshops that bring together mental-health professionals, incest survivors, and artists to revision personal narratives of trauma through art. We will collaboratively produce and self-publish a hand made zine/folio of self-portraits and personal essays that serve as a vehicle for both transforming the self and reimagining society.

Jessica Segall
Creating unexpected encounters with nature in an urban setting, this project brings Zzzzzz, a nomadic sculpture and functional beehive, to the Lower East Side. During the day audiences can learn about beekeeping, and in the evening—when the bees have retired—the space will transform into a mock hotel.

The Tenant Board
The Cost is a series of South Bronx posters and neighborhood tours that articulate the complex process of gentrification and highlight the people and policies that drive development. The project will connect local residents with timely, critical information about changes in the neighborhood’s land use, ownership, and real estate.

URe:AD Press by Shani Peters and Sharita Towne
Community printmaking workshops that explore race and identity within African Diasporan communities will be offered throughout Brooklyn. These workshops, in addition to the artwork created, provide occasions to commune, celebrate culture, and generate collective strength to survive social trauma.

Jody Wood
Choreographing Care cross-pollinates theater arts with social work to facilitate dialogue and reflection about secondary trauma. By collaborating directly with social workers at University Settlement, this project helps to build support and connection among social workers, physically release secondary trauma, and foster public understanding of social work.